vietnam at 50 - 1969

For Cohasset, Mass., 1969 held the worst eight months of Vietnam War, when 5 of the town's soldiers were killed action. People burning in front of your eyes.. — Joseph Galloway, correspondent who did four stints Vietnam, including 16-month tour in. ..

world politics review

His reportage also appears translation on Vietnam's leading political affairs blog, Anh Ba Sam... The Costs of Trong's Crusade Against Corruption Vietnam. Can Vietnam's New Leadership Deliver on 'Last Good Chance for Change.. ..

vietnam, a us tragedy

Without destroying North Vietnam in fury and thereby risking war with China and Soviet Union, it's US Army and Marine Corps could have forced the communists to capitulate. ... Vietnam War, sum, should never have been fought the distant country was never vital security threat to United..


Vietnam continues to be one of the worst jailers of bloggers in the world.. ARTICLE 19, Access, English PEN and PEN International welcome the opportunity to contribute to the second cycle of UPR process of Viet Nam.. ..

vietnam: 6 activists headed to prison

International donors and trade partners should tell Vietnam that continuing this crackdown will cause problems for the aid and trade deals that Hanoi wants to conclude with North America and European Union... ... In December 2018, another member of this group, Huynh Truong Ca, was put on trial..

korea, vietnam and the u.s. war machine

Korean leader met at that time with Ho Chi Minh, leader of the struggle to liberate Vietnam from French colonial rule and then from U.S invaders.. On March, Kim Jong Un laid wreaths at Mausoleum to Ho Chi Minh and at Vietnam War Memorial Hanoi, memorial to all those. ..

eu: press vietnam on rights record

In October 2018, European Commission announced the adoption of EU- Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. ... The same concerns were raised with Vietnam's deputy trade October during in the European Parliament, and again in November. ..

government news 19/1

Delivering speech at the event, Chief of General Staff of Vietnam People's Army and Deputy Defence Minister Phan Van Giang recalled Lao army's history and tradition over the past seven decades and the solidarity shared between Vietnam and Laos and between their armies.. ... For Chinese..

how vietnam lost and china won cambodia

Alan Parkhouse, journalist and Cambodia, wrote last Asia Times that Politburo officials Hanoi expressed their displeasure behind closed doors during November meeting Vietnam, even going according to Cambodian government insider.. ... But the question remains whether Cambodia is moving closer to..

behind pentagon efforts to rewrite the vietnam war

Those included My Lai massacre and the naval clashes in Tonkin Gulf that led to U.S air strikes on North Vietnam. ... Army sheet, which says in its opening paragraph, Geneva Accords of July 1954 divided Vietnam into Communist state in North and anti-Communist state in South... ..

vietnam: end crackdown on freedom of expression

Vietnam should drop all charges against human rights Huynh Thuc Vy, today. ... In December 2011, People's Committee of Quang Nam province decided to issue fine to Huynh family total of 270,000,000VND for using technology to spread what the government termed propaganda against the..

misremembering vietnam

Those included My Lai massacre and the naval clashes in Tonkin Gulf that led to U.S air strikes on North Vietnam. ... Isaacs, TomDispatch regular, covered Vietnam War for Baltimore Sun between June 1972 and the final defeat April 1975 and is the author of Without Honor Defeat..

trong's strength hides weakness in vietnam

But the reasons for his unconventional appointment and what it says about the current state of Vietnam's politics indicates the weakness, not strength, amid campaign to re-impose Party's supremacy over political life.. ... In response, Trong and his allies in Politburo have orchestrated..

fear of defeat and the vietnam war

His response, according to recently declassified cables was to seek authorization to move nuclear weapons into Vietnam. ... Thus the call for nuclear weapons to be deployed to Vietnam, call that President Johnson refused to countenance.. ..

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Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front inform with grief. ..

1968: tet and the watershed in vietnam

In the years after Tet, the rebellion within U.S military began to undermine the reliability of the effectiveness as fighting force Vietnam. ... Tet Offensive was catalyst of this process--what social force was capable of compelling U.S military to stop its war against the people of..

when king broke the silence on vietnam

The first reason-- obvious and facile, according to King--was the effect of Vietnam War on the War on Poverty in U.S.. ... Vietnamese must notice that U.S seems opposed to Vietnam, What do the peasants think as we ally ourselves with the landlords and as we refuse to put any action into..

an epic series with an achilles’ heel

mass protest outside Pentagon against Vietnam War The lessons and legacies of Vietnam War have been debated ever since, and with the military disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan during the last two decades, Vietnam War, once overriding issue of U.S politics, has fallen to the..

vietnam: ruling party’s anti-corruption purge continues

By the dominant party faction to purge its main rivals, The trial concluded last Thursday Hanoi of Dinh La Thang, member of Communist Party of Vietnam's, Politburo, ispart of two-year campaign.. ... Both CPV factions are mired in the reactionary, nationalist outlook of Stalinism and support the..

vietnam: the first television war – pieces of history

Today's post comes from Madie Ward in National Archives History Office. 111-CCV-570-CC44322 U.S soldiers in position in the first wave of helicopter combat assault, 10 26 1967 The Vietnam War was time of great controversy in United States. ... In contrast, the television news networks had bleaker..

the vietnam war « harry clarke

 I was in Vietnam Moratorium movement and faced the prospect of being drafted to fight Vietnam. ... By their presidents simply because of electoral considerations and the need to avoid being the, American people and the unfortunate troops sent to fight Vietnam were sold lies..

what really happened in vietnam

By the venerable military correspondent, United States is involved in Vietnam, began New York Times article February Homer Bigart, Washington's passionate and inflexible support for South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and speculated that United States seems inextricably committed to long,..

"beyond vietnam"

Neither is it attempt to make North Vietnam or National Liberation Front paragons of virtue, nor to overlook the role they must play in the resolution of the problem. ..


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