the war on venezuela

In 2002, during Washington-backed, Mavis's sons and daughters and grandchildren and great-grandchildren joined hundreds of thousands. ... It's too difficult to report Washington's sanctions against Venezuela, including $2billion worth of imported medicines, as illegal, or Bank..

an opportunity for russia and china

Nothing better illustrates Washington's to democracy and self-determination than the blatantly Washington has organized against the properly elected president of Venezuela.. ... I am not as confident as Moon of Alabama that Venezuela's effort dating back to Chavez to be..

peculiarities of us imperialism in latin america

Washington's Latin American electoral processes opened the door to exploitation of resources and the recruitment of military allies to isolate and encircle nationalist, Venezuela... Washington heightened economic sanctions to starve Chavista supporters, and mobilized its European and..

the exceptional nation

Defeated on these fronts, Washington had Trump and Pence declare that Maduro was not the president of Venezuela and that Washington recognized its agent in the legislature as president. ... What Washington is doing to Venezuela is lesson for Russian..


TEHRAN - Advisor to Iranian Parliament Speaker Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Friday that the US instigating riot and chaos Venezuela epitomizes Washington's double standard approach to international relations... ..

washington orchestrates coup in venezuela, incites

Thus, Trump administration is not only igniting firestorm within Venezuela, it's setting the stage for international proxy war, not unlike the war. Also on Venezuela divide Turkey, Russia, China stand against Washington, its Latin America allies At the end of last year,..

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