making globalism great again

Many Americans have never been to Venezuela, or Syria, or anywhere else the global capitalist empire has been ruthlessly restructuring since shortly after the end of the Cold War. ... Only the empire’s official evil enemies (i.e., Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and other..

regime change “made in the u.s.a.”

Indeed, Vice President Pence said to Fox News, answering a question about why Trump is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan while intervening in Venezuela. ... Trump may also view his Venezuela policy as a quick fix to Make America Great Again. ..


In practice, the US has conducted many regime change operations, in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, Nicaragua, and now Venezuela. ... They also know Venezuela is not different from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other..

how venezuela has united erdogan, turkish left

If the compass, is anti- Americanism above anything else, the Turkish left will be useful for Erdogan's anti-Kurdish Syria as long as it contradicts Washington's stance.. Back to the Venezuela issue, Bloodworth's question for the Turkish left is  It's one thing for Western..

the us congress is preparing a new war

Today, the US Treasury is applying political sanctions against Belarus, Burundi, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, to which we must add the Donetsk People’s Republic..

russia behind yellow vest protests in france?

Earlier protests Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Armenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Tunisia, Myanmar, Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, Czechoslovakia, and elsewhere were made in USA by CIA, National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, State Department, and other US dark forces.. ..

venezuela on fire

If anything, the U.S. government has not done enough to respond to Venezuela’s current crisis. Overshadowed by Syria and North Korea, the situation in Venezuela has not been given its due attention by the U.S. ..

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