getting migration in the americas right

In terms of recipients, the United States has seen the largest influx of asylum-seekers—more than half a million cumulatively as of mid-2018, chiefly from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico, and Haiti. ... Since 2014, Honduras, Venezuela, and El Salvador have..

venezuela: still on the brink?

In the context of the coup attempt on Venezuela, group of about UN members formed, including Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran and many more, representing about half of the population, in support of Venezuela especially in support of UN Charter. Mexico's new President, Andrés Manuel..

venezuela: us attack imminent?

Members include, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru. . In the meantime, Mexico, under her new leftwing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or simply, AMLO, abstains from any decision against Venezuela...

uprising in venezula, possible regime change

The United States and Canada also recognized Guaido – the 35-year-old leader of Venezuela’s opposition-dominated National Assembly – as Venezuela’s legitimate ruler. However, Mexico – once a vocal member of the Lima Group regional bloc created to pressure Maduro to enact..

central america: a challenge for amlo

Facing the former U.S. president Ronald Reagan (1981-1988), who preferred an armed approach to a peaceful one in solving political difficulties in Central America, Mexico joined Venezuela, Panama, and Colombia in 1983 to create the Contadora Group, which conflicted with Washington by..

monthly review

To date, eleven versions of the program have been produced: seven in Spanish (for Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Uruguay); one in Portuguese; one in English; two recently completed versions for Bolivia in Quechua and Aymara; and one in Creole, used successfully..

latin america’s corruption comeuppance

Corruption has long been Latin America, and what is new is the depth and breadth of the investigation into Odebrecht, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, and seven other countries. ... In many cases, -owned oil companies Petrobras Brazil, PDVSA Venezuela, and PEMEX..

latin america

Maria Felix and Siobhan McGuirk report on the growing protest backlash against the war on drugs in Mexico. . Venezuela’s Bolivarian Process at Twelve . Two articles exploring current developments in Venezuela are introduced by Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete. . ..

latin leaders agree to revive peace try

Cerezo, Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Honduran President-elect Jose Azcona Hoyo met for about hour with representatives of Contadora nations -- Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia -- and Contadora support group.. ..

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