is trump what we need?

Other radical proposals include voting rights for violent felons, the abolition of Electoral College and the packing of Supreme Court government unregulated late-term abortion posture between Israel and Hamas and less anti- American Nicolas Maduro Venezuela. ..

will the trump regime attack iran?

Former UK MP George Galloway said attacking Islamic Republic will open the gates of Hell — why cool heads Washington and Israel oppose going this far.. Fact Attacking Iran or Venezuela preemptively would violate UN Charter and other law — even. ..

shadow boxing for empire: the mueller report

By fighting and winning and not have to face his bigger problems with disenchanted supporters over the massive tax handouts to the elite, President Trump could engage MR, his opposition to peaceful relations with Cuban, Iran, Venezuela and Syria and the wrath induced by Trump's craven submission to..

matthew lee

Current to Canada will have to contend with pressing issues from Afghanistan to Venezuela predecessor, beloved by Israel, set to address AIPAC conference next month. ..

» democratic hopefuls reject aipac– imemc news

Researching the aspect of Israeli of Palestinian territories, some of his research topics include the international aid to Palestinians and to Israel, the effects of Israeli of Palestinian territories on Israeli economy, and the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel. Between..

us negotiations: masters of defeats

As consequence, the US deliberate sabotage of negotiations pushed Iran to Russia, China and alternative markets while the US remained wedded to Saudi Arabia and Israel. In the case of Venezuela, the US to enter into negotiations has led to polarization and multiple defeats, including the..


Guaido has been recognised as  Venezuela's president by the US, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Albania and of  Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Honduras, Argentina, etc. ..

venezuela’s jews describe chaos, uncertain future

There is really confusing situation here, two presidents, and the situation of Jewish community, like that of the other residents, is not good, Elias Farache, president of Confederación de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela, the organization for Venezuelan Jewish community tells Israel..

israel recognizes juan guaidó as leader of

Israel recognizes Juan Guaidó as leader of Venezuela. 42 Views. Israel recognizes Venezuelan Juan Guaidó as in charge of Venezuela, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Twitter Sunday. He said that Israel joins the US, Canada and most Latin American..

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