president rouhani lauds strong ties between iran,

In meeting with President Maduro on the sidelines of Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Azeri of Baku this morning, the two countries of Iran and Venezuela have supported each other in all political and international assemblies... ... For his part, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.. archives

Let's just say the dollars that were left over when Venezuela, Iran and Russia stopped selling their oil for dollars created spill on the floor, and they needed sponge to soak them up. ..

meanwhile, in russia….

o trade ties, China and Russia support each other on variety of policy issues, including Venezuela crisis, North Korea's nuclear program and Iran nuclear deal. ... Putin and Xi, will discuss number of issues this week, including relations with the United States, Venezuela,..


TEHRAN - US President Donald Trump is considering replacing his hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton over his plans to push United States towards conflict with Iran, Venezuela and North Korea, .. Bolton is headed for the exits, having flown too close to the sun on his regime..

which new war next: iran or venezuela? – the

Knowing that American people have grown weary with their forever wars Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, these four interventionists ca not decide whether to initiate war against Venezuela or against Iran or against both. ... Nonetheless, from the standpoint of these four..

threat of us military intervention in venezuela

Trump coup d'etat train left the station, wanting Bolivarian democracy destroyed the US wanting another imperial trophy, its dirty hands controlling Venezuela and its largest oil reserves.. Trump regime's rage to control oil-rich Venezuela and Iran makes most anything possible....

ortega in delicate balancing act

U.S officials and business leaders, meanwhile, saying Ortega's with Venezuela and Iran could scare off foreign investors and hurt the economy.. Ortega's first impulse was to turn to Venezuela, which welcomed him into growing club of leftist leaders. ..

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