the us military is everywhere

Our military is involved in at least 80 countries in this global war, with no downsizing of the mission evident in the immediate future (perhaps, perhaps, a slow withdrawal from Syria; perhaps, perhaps, a winding down of the Afghan War; meanwhile, we hear rumblings of possible military interventions in..

threat of us military intervention in venezuela

Trump coup d'etat train left the station, wanting Bolivarian democracy destroyed the US wanting another imperial trophy, its dirty hands controlling Venezuela and its largest oil reserves.. Trump regime's rage to control oil-rich Venezuela and Iran makes most anything possible....

us enemies and the lawless ‘rule of law’

Superbowl playoffs, Russiagate, China Intertel, Iran Bomb, Venezuela dictator, immigrants storming the gates What unites all the war games is distraction fromthe truly fatal threat of  the pollution and despoliation of the natural and life support systems of the world by the ruling..


The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the government and the nation of Venezuela in the face of any in the country's internal affairs or any illegal or anti-popular actions, such as attempts to stage coups, .. ..

sputnik international

New York-based NGO Human Rights Watch published scathing report lambasting the governments of China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and other traditionally 'anti-US nations, accusing the former of everything from dissappearing former Interpol Meng Hongwei to censoring US-backed #MeToo movement,..

ortega in delicate balancing act

U.S officials and business leaders, meanwhile, saying Ortega's with Venezuela and Iran could scare off foreign investors and hurt the economy.. Ortega's first impulse was to turn to Venezuela, which welcomed him into growing club of leftist leaders. ..

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