venezuela: us attack imminent?

No, much worse – the so-called civilized west, the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan – and some second and third class puppet developing countries from South America, whose people are being starved while the elite admires and dances to the tune of the USA; united in what they call the..

us media erase years of chavismo’s gains

On that list, in Lima Group trying to overthrow its government, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia. HDI does not provide perfect picture of present conditions Venezuela, large part because of the escalation of the war on the country by..

us "regime changes" - the historical record

During WWII decade, the US, working through CIA and Pentagon, brought to client regimes Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil and several other countries.. By alternating client political parties which accept submission to, Venezuela experience with 'regime change..

cia in venezuela: 7 rules for regime change

From assassination of senior officials (Cuba, Chile) to invasion and occupation (Dominican Republic, Panama) to peasant massacres and death squads (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala), the annals of regime change are bloody. . What to expect in Venezuela . Now the CIA has another regime..


Guaido has been recognised as  Venezuela's president by the US, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Albania and of  Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Honduras, Argentina, etc. ..

maduro must go

What we witnessing is the birth of a third force, People Power movement that seeks the end of socialist rule Venezuela. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras back Guiadò. ..

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He had lived and worked in several countries of the Americas (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, hence his identification and empathy with the fate of these peoples); had been in France, the United States, and had sufficient political maturity to understand the imperative need for unity..

remembering william blum

Washington tried influencing presidential elections scores of times post-WW II post-9 Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Honduras, Paraguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, and elsewhere.. The interventionism excludes military coups and other regime change efforts Iran,..

u.s. anti-communist propaganda at siriusxm

There is one thing that listeners of SiriusXM’s Channel 153 never hear and will never hear: any criticism of the U.S. government’s decades-old interventionist policies towards Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua or, for that matter, Chile, Guatemala, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, or many..

december 2008

The image above is from cirofono and represents Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chávez. ... In Guatemala, the burning takes place in December, on the 7th, the day when they state that the virgin defeated the devil. ..

the class struggle from above

Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela were among the leading examples. By the early 1950’s with the onset of the US imperialist ‘cold war’, in collaboration with the regional ruling classes launched a violent class war from above, which took the form of military..

religion in latin america

At least one-in-five Catholics in the Dominican Republic (36%), Honduras (26%), Guatemala (23%), Nicaragua (23%), Venezuela (22%), Panama (21%) and Colombia (21%) say they have been present for an exorcism. . ..

our proclamation

Principal, DagarbinSchoolCaracas, Venezuela .   . Rev Ellsworth McIntyre . ... Rector, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala .   . Mary Novello . ..


Note: In a long career as a foreign service officer, Armour served as Chief of Mission to eight countries (France, 1929; Haiti, 1932-1935; Canada, 1935-1938; Chile, 1938-1939; Argentina, 1939-1944; Spain, 1945; Venezuela, 1950-1951; and Guatemala, 1954-1955), and as Assistant Secretary of..


Colombia ...

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