us economic and military terrorism

According to Treasury Department, they're imposed on Russia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Sudan, Cuba, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Iran, and other countries — and against entities and individuals in targeted countries.. ... Nor will US toughness work against Russia, China,..

asia times

It's not clear what this group will be able to do, except it's the case that they will conduct campaign against the kind of harsh sanctions that are hurting Venezuela, Cuba and Iran.. ..

war begets war . . . and nothing else

Whether Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea or one of the 20 countries under the boot of U.S sanctions, Trump administration is using its economic weight to try to exact regime change or policy changes in countries around the globe... ..

u.s. war threats intensify on iran

The maximum pressure threats against Iran follow weeks of military threats and extreme sanctions against Venezuela, escalating trade war with China, ratcheting up harsher level of sanctions against Cuba, firing an  intercontinental ballistic missile across People's Korea and confiscating..

cuba with venezuela in the struggle for life ›

Cuba with Venezuela in the struggle for life. Four Venezuelan in need of bone marrow transplants will be treated Cuba, since their health is being affected by escalating U.S sanctions on this sister country. ... Venezuela can always count on Cuba, was Cuban..


 Government agencies and special interests employ agents to spread propaganda via order to create public support for overthrowing targeted governments such as Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran.. ..

us "regime changes" - the historical record

During WWII decade, the US, working through CIA and Pentagon, brought to client regimes Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil and several other countries.. By alternating client political parties which accept submission to, Venezuela experience with 'regime change..

pompeo, hypocrisy and war

On January US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Brazil,   and his Department noted that in discussions with Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo they highlighted the importance of working together to address regional and global challenges, including supporting the people of Venezuela, Cuba,..

pity latin americans (and us too)

On the other hand, we have people Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, regimes where people are on the verge of starvation because the government is determined to bring equality to society by using its tax-and-spend policies to equalize wealth.. ..

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