when the straw men take over

Once reports indicated that Trump administration was considering deploying troops to Venezuela, some Democrats Congress and like-minded figures in the media portrayed any serious efforts to oppose Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro as road toward large-scale military intervention. ..

a nuclear war? over venezuela?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on Sunday news programs to claim that President Trump could launch military attack against Venezuela without Congress's approval.. ... Unfortunately, Washington is so addicted to war that President Trump would have little difficulty getting authority..

european nations raise pressure on venezuela's maduro

Guaido's backers say he is the legitimate leader because he is president of Venezuela's congress, which they regard as the only lawfully elected power in the country. . Around 1 million people resident in Venezuela also possess a European passport, Portuguese Foreign Minister..

new congress democrats denounce venezuela coup, get

New Congress Democrats denounce Venezuela coup, get bashed for quoting RT-linked people — RT USA News . ... Yesterday, @RoKhanna became the first (and I believe only) member of Congress to question the wisdom of Trump’s decree of who rules Venezuela, so he’s..

venezuela congress declares president maduro

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s opposition-run Congress on Tuesday formally declared President Nicolas Maduro a “usurper,” whose actions would be considered null and void after he was sworn in last week for a disputed second term. . . . ... President Donald Trump is considering..

congress passes sanctions on venezuela officials

Congress Passes Sanctions on Venezuela Officials . 11 Dec 2014 . WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress has cleared and sent to President Barack Obama legislation directing him to levy sanctions against Venezuelan government officials involved in a crackdown on anti-government protesters. . ..


Central America ...

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