as venezuela crisis deepens, colombia rebel threat

Jeremy McDermott, Colombia-based on the insurgencies and co-founder of Insight Crime think tank, believed Colombian insurgents were operating Venezuela with at least the blessing of Maduro.. ... International Crisis Group report cited estimates that ELN had been in minimum of 13 of..

in venezuela, the end game approaches

Currently, the standoff is at Simon Bolivar International Bridge between Colombia and Venezuela, s. There is irony here, since Venezuela, blessed with astonishing natural resources, has been the richest of Latin American countries, while Colombia has been backward,..

a need for legal certainty

Advances in the field of certainty have been central to the so-called new Latin American constitutionalism — that is, the constitutions of Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. ..

latin leaders agree to revive peace try

Cerezo, Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Honduran President-elect Jose Azcona Hoyo met for about hour with representatives of Contadora nations -- Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia -- and Contadora support group.. ..

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