venezuela, china, russia – oh my

Most people do not associate the devastation of Venezuela by Nicolas Maduro with China, yet Venezuelan oil lies at the heart of China's interests and as result, they have been propping up South American leader.. ... Venezuela's economy was six times the size of..

john bolton inadvertently quotes hitler

Unlike American led efforts against nations like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, Maduro government has some extremely powerful friends in the form of Russia and China, both of. ... Meanwhile for Beijing, Venezuela is seen with China pumping $63 billion into Venezuela over..

russia, china veto us measure on venezuela in un

US envoy on Venezuela Elliott Abrams speaks to Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia ahead of vote on US draft resolution calling for new presidential elections Venezuela -- Russia and China vetoed the text. Russia and China on Thursday vetoed US in UN Security Council on addressing..

us using venezuela crisis

As result, Washington has faced dilemma, out Being permanent members of the UN Security Council, Russia and China may veto any decisions to use force against  Venezuela on the part of the Trump administration... Beijing has good reason to support Maduro, Carvalho underscored..

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