venezuela campaign: chavez versus the workers —

The contempt of Chavez and his followers for the organised working class can be seen in the fate of Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela's industrial heartland. ... Once democracy is restored Venezuela, major challenge will be to rebuild its industrial base that has been so destroyed by..

when is it ok to topple a sitting government?

Some 15 to 20 tons of cocaine are moving to the US from Venezuela every month, much of it controlled by Venezuelan government and military officials... Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro has been involved in combatting illicit drugs trafficking one of many reasons why the US..

bonapartism returns to brazil

By tradition of military generals, He starts to look less like Hitler, draped and more like what he is, Bonapartist in Latin America still politically dominated, from Argentina's Juan Peron in the 1940s and 1950s to Hugo Chavez Venezuela in the 2000s.. ..

thy will be done: brasil’s holy war

water mark of this unprecedented independence came at Summit of Americas Mar del Plata in 2005, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and Argentina's Nestor Kirchner combined to reject David Rockefeller's proposed Free Trade Area of Americas, to the chagrin of Bush administration. ..

latin america

Jeffrey R Webber looks at the myths and the realities of Hugo  Chávez's impact on Venezuela, and considers the ahead. The death of Hugo Chávez is fundamental test for Boliviarian Revolution, writes Uruguayan Daniel Chavez. ..

venezuela: concentration and abuse of power under

President Hugo Chávez waves to supporters on the day he registered for re-election Caracas, Venezuela, on June 11, 2012. © 2012 Meridith Kohut The New York Times Redux The of power under President Hugo Chávez has taken heavy toll on human rights in  Venezuela, released..


CARACAS, VENEZUELA Chavez U.S detained my Venezuela's minister was detained by U.S authorities at New York airport for more President Hugo Chavez said. ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told Venezuela's state TV that U.S officials alleged that Maduro..


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