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Current to Canada will have to contend with pressing issues from Afghanistan to Venezuela predecessor, beloved by Israel, set to address AIPAC conference next month. ..

u.s. imperialism vs the rule of law

The world faces many overlapping crises regional political crises from Kashmir to Venezuela brutal wars that rage on Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia and the existential dangers of nuclear weapons, climate change, and mass extinction.. ..

regime change “made in the u.s.a.”

Indeed, Vice President Pence said to Fox News, answering a question about why Trump is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan while intervening in Venezuela. ... Trump may also view his Venezuela policy as a quick fix to Make America Great Again. ..


In practice, the US has conducted many regime change operations, in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, Nicaragua, and now Venezuela. ... They also know Venezuela is not different from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other..

the future of freedom foundation

Fully understanding this spending problem, President Trump and his anti-immigrant cohorts and his fellow interventionist want to spend even more billions of dollars on their Berlin Wall and are now threatening Venezuela with war, on top of their forever wars in Middle East and..

ten facts about the state of the union address

Foreign policy types will be watching to see what, if anything, he says about tariffs, ongoing trade talks with China, the withdrawal of U.S troops from Syria, NATO, North Korea, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty, Venezuela, and the future of U.S to Afghanistan, among other topics.. ..

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In fact, biologically impossible ratios are found in various countries around the world, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, El Salvador, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Yugoslavia, and Venezuela. The rest would have..


American ...

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