no war for venezuela.

Venezuela is in the middle of an immense crisis that has the potential to envelop the entire region. ... The meltdown in Venezuela is a textbook case of leftist economics in action. ..

john bolton inadvertently quotes hitler

While the case for action against Maduro government may seem like open and shut affair, there is series of likely complications that could impact the global landscape and undermine the stability of Venezuela, neighbouring countries.. ... Meanwhile for Beijing, Venezuela is seen with..

mike pompeo to meet with vladimir putin in russia

The leaders are expected to have frank discussions on broad range of multilateral and bilateral issues, including arms control, Ukraine, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran, according to State Department official... ... While the two spoke about Venezuela, Trump contradicted his top..

this week at state: may 10, 2019

In statement on May 9, The arbitrary arrest yesterday evening of Edgar Zambrano, First Vice President of Venezuela's National Assembly, is unacceptable and illegal act that is yet another reflection of the repression of Maduro regime. ..

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