part 2: press freedom, sanctions and oil

'Former rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, has criticized the US for engaging in economic warfare against Venezuela. ... As far as we are aware, nobody in UK parliament or press has called for the overthrow of Saudi, nor indeed of UK government, for creating poverty and suffering that far exceeds..

minister for the americas statement to parliament on

Minister of State for Americas, Sir Alan Duncan gave update to MPs in House of Commons about Venezuela and UK's position... On Monday, my Rt Hon Friend Foreign Secretary announced that UK will now recognise Juan Guaido, President of National Assembly, as the Constitutional Interim President of..


., jumped into spotlight in the wake of Venezuela, by MintPress News.. ... TEHRAN - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that the days of Latin America are ago gone., expressing hope that no foreign forces would Venezuela, after US President Donald Trump repeated his..

venezuela's crisis: why now and what's next?

., Canada and other countries were corresponding with Guaido —  who was little known Venezuela or abroad before January, by The Canadian Press... ... Between 20 and 30 of Venezuela's 31 million people back Maduro's, said Miguel Tinker Salas, professor at Pomona College Claremont,..

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