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republicans on health care: do vast harm

In Idaho and Utah, just like Maine, who passed referendums to extend Medicaid. ... Republican-controlled Utah voted to expand Medicaid only to people earning up to 100 percent of the threshold, instead of 138 percent, and, at the time, demanded that the government reimburse..

minority markets see economic growth

The 10 states with greatest black buying power growth since 2000 are North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Vermont, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Utah and New Hampshire. Ranked by the growth of Native American buying power since 2000, the 10 states are Texas, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New..

election eve report from utah!

Daniel Holloway, LP Utah District 74 reported. Would not be the time referenda helps Holloway is running against GOP incumbent and no other candidate.  Utah polls close at EST... Sanders is Hanover attorney who is Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has..

iv. state settlement patterns

Additionally, the combined unauthorized Arizona, Nevada and Utah also decreased during that period, individually.. In Mountain West, the combined unauthorized population of Arizona, Nevada and Utah declined to estimated 700,000 from estimated 850,000 in 2007.. ..

wedding (september 26, 2018)

The bride is graduate of Moapa Valley High School and earned Master's Degree Social Work from University of Utah.. ... The couple will reside Saint George, Utah.. outdoor reception will be held that evening from 5 00 to 8 00 pm at the May residence, 1615 Hinckley Ave Logandale. ..

top 10 most controversial pardons in us history

Brigham Young, leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, led Mormons to Utah in the 1840s and founded Salt Lake City in 1847 with other church members. Embarrassed by the massacre and his inability to take over Utah, Buchanan offered pardon to all Utah Mormons,..

10 failed attempts to create new us states

In 1849, amid all that turbulence, Mormon Brigham Young sent petition to Washington, D.C proposing State of Deseret. The proposed state would have covered all of modern-day Nevada and Utah, much of Arizona, and parts of California, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon.. ..

supreme court puts utah same-sex marriages on hold

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court put stop to same-sex marriages in Utah on Monday while the state appeals federal district court's ruling that had legalized the unions.. ... The Supreme Court's decision to press the button on Utah is disappointment for thousands of loving and committed..

8 atrocities committed in the name of religion

Mountain Meadows massacre was mass killing of Fancher-Baker wagon train at Mountain Meadows Utah Territory on September 11, 1857, by group of Mormons and Paiute Indians. Mormons throughout Utah Territory had been mustered to fight United States Army, was intended to destroy them as..

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