Save the Children, charity, that more than 84,700 children under the age of five may have starved to death Yemen since Saudi and coalition of its allies launched the war on the already-impoverished nation.. TEHRAN - Despite the dire need for Yemen, United States Army announced..

part 2: press freedom, sanctions and oil

Indeed, October 2016, Labour shadow secretary, Emily Thornberry, placed motion before House of Commons that merely sought 'to bring about cessation of hostilities and provide humanitarian relief Yemen and 'to suspend support for Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces Yemen pending..

yemeni rebels say they halted saudi-led forces

Cairo Yemen's rebels halted advances of their adversaries, U.S.-backed, Saudi-led Arab coalition, at key battlefield around Red Sea port city.. ... The coalition restricted access to Yemen November last year, after missile assault by rebels targeted Saudi, Riyadh.. ..

the economic war on yemen

In paper, Martha Mundy, lecturer at London School of Economics, analyzed coalition airstrikes Yemen, finding that their attacks on bridges, factories, that they aimed to destroy production and Houthi-controlled areas... ... The coalition's targeting of Yemen's and..

the tragedy of saudi arabia’s war

But those efforts have been overshadowed by the coalition's attacks on Yemen's economy, including the denial of salaries to civil servants, partial blockade that has driven up food prices. ... In paper, Martha Mundy, lecturer at London School of Economics, analyzed coalition..

how the u.s. is trapping dying yemenis

The indefensible nature of the bombing, has garnered headlines and even attention on Capitol Hill, opening conversation about U.S in the siege of Yemen by coalition headed by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.. ... Funeral ceremony for some of the children killed by Saudi air strike..

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