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The coalition contends that the session was illegal because Legislature convened the vote as session. The coalition maintains that Wisconsin Constitution allows lawmakers to convene at times laid out in resolution they pass at the beginning of every period or at the governor's..

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coalition of liberal-leaning groups is filing lawsuit seeking to void several laws passed by Wisconsin Republicans that reduced the powers of Evers, the newly elected Democratic governor. MADISON — coalition of liberal-leaning groups filed Thursday seeking to void laws passed by..


Barca Will serve as Secretary of Wisconsin Department.. Survival Coalition Statement on appointment of Andrea Palm to Department of.. ..


The Clean Power Coalition-Southeast Wisconsin Hundreds of petition signatures delivered in.. ..

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Molly Collins, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, said more than 50 groups mobilized to lobby against the in Senate, where it died.. ..

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Since Act 10, public union membership in Wisconsin dropped by 64%, from 187,000 members to just 67,000. ... And an Act 10 repeal, as unlikely as that might be, isn’t likely to lead to a strong union comeback in Wisconsin. . ..

high court blocks abortion curbs

The doctors and abortion clinics challenging the two laws, represented in Illinois case by American Civil Liberties Union and in Wisconsin case by Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, New York, have not yet filed their Supreme Court appeals except expect to do so in the next month.. ..

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