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Past awardees have included Caledonia Building on Union Street, Edison Building Washington Square, High Rock Park and Tower, Gannon Golf Course Clubhouse, Portland Street, Essex Media Group, Michael Russo Plumbing, and Karen Malionek, for devotion to the restoration and for obtaining..

censky addresses ethanol group

USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky addressed members of American Coalition for Ethanol meeting Washington DC this week, ing the greenhouse gas benefits of corn-based ethanol compared to gasoline.. ..

trump delivers state of the union address

FEBRUARY 5, 2019 - WASHINGTON, DC President Donald Trump delivered State of Union address, with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi, at Capitol Washington, DC on February 5, 2019. ... FEBRUARY 5, 2019 - WASHINGTON, DC Representative Nita Lowey,..

trump's state of the union options

The Constitution requires president to deliver assessment of the state of union.  ... Most people who pay attention to the childish and behavior that characterizes Washington these days can do their own assessment of the state of the union. ..


TEHRAN - Thousands of anti-war activists from the US and other countries of the world have called on European Union to skip Washington-sponsored anti- Iran conference Poland next month... ..

pai – people's world

Mark Gruenberg is Editor and owner of Press Associates Union News Service, Washington, D.C... Reports to our union suggest that the damage to federal agencies and their work on behalf of American people will not be repaired... ..

the ct mirrorthe ct mirror

Filed under Defense, Economic Development, Politics, Washington, Electric Boat, Navy, post-shakedown, USS Indiana.. Filed under Defense, Politics, Washington, Chris Murphy, European Union, Germany, Joe Courtney, NATO.. ..

‘west must end syria crisis politically’

Press TV Why do you think we are still seeing civilians die by the hands of these Daesh terrorists and in general if we look at proposals for example by Moscow to Washington forming alliance and working with Syrian government to crush these terrorists and Washington continues to..

beating the drums for war with russia

Such an outcome would represent a serious reversal for the policy pursued by US imperialism for the last quarter century, in the wake of the Moscow Stalinist bureaucracy’s dissolution of the Soviet Union. Washington saw this development as opening an unobstructed path to its pursuit of..

new zealand defence white paper prepares for war

New Zealand’s ruling elite is responding to the global economic crisis by strengthening its alliance with Washington, on which it relies to support New Zealand’s own neo-colonial interests. ... The alliance with US imperialism is aimed at securing Washington’s..


The Laborers and Operating Engineers will join with four other unions in the business -- Teamsters, Carpenters, Iron Workers and Bricklayers unions -- to form National Construction Alliance, confederation aimed at expanding in the construction field. WASHINGTON BRIEFING..

attorney wants county to rule on afscme

Washington County Commissioners attorney on Wednesday urged the commissioners to rule on their own charge that the union representing about 85 county roads, landfill and bus workers had engaged in labor practice.. ... What is in the county of Washington is the union of..

county, union reach contract agreement

Washington County has reached agreement on three-year contract with the union representing about 90 roads, landfill and County Commuter workers, Tuesday.. ... Kollman also said the union had threatened to picket and boycott Washington County Commissioner James R. ..


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