the world is dedollarizing

Washington also has launched counter-productive against Turkey, Iran and China, and foremost, because Turkey, NATO stronghold, is purchasing Russian S-400 cutting-edge air defense system, new military alliance. Turkey will most abandon all trading in US dollars and align..


TEHRAN - Syria might soon be the scene of new rivalries between Turkey and coalition of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Kurdish separatists Arab newspaper wrote on Saturday... ..

war in syria

Turkey announces military offensive in Syria . . . A military convoy in south-east Turkey on the way to the Syrian border. (© picture-alliance/dpa) . . . ... Turkish tanks near the border between Syria and Turkey. (© picture-alliance/dpa) . . . ..

the looming massacre in idlib

Idlib province lies at crucial geopolitical crossroads between encroaching pro-regime front lines around northwest Syria, Turkey to the north and Kurdish Democratic Union Party -controlled enclaves to the east, and Turkish-occupied regions of neighboring Aleppo province. ... ..

trump and trade bilateralism

Bilateralism was further discredited during the 1930s because of the extensive use that Nazi Germany made of bilateral trade negotiations to further its trade with Eastern Europe (including the Soviet Union), Turkey, much of Latin America, and China. ..


Afghanistan ...

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