TEHRAN - Political analyst Adriel Kasonta believes hosting Warsaw summit would cause further deterioration of Poland's relations with European Union. TEHRAN - China, UAE, Turkey, Germany and India are the top exporters of goods to Iran, supplying more according to the data released by..

will trump really launch a war on iran?

While Trump administration is preparing to withdraw from the agreement, European Union is lobbying Iran to stay in the pact. Russia, China, Turkey and India have also made it clear that they will not abide by U.S trade sanctions, and EU is setting up plan to avoid using dollars.. ..

the looming massacre in idlib

Idlib province lies at crucial geopolitical crossroads between encroaching pro-regime front lines around northwest Syria, Turkey to the north and Kurdish Democratic Union Party -controlled enclaves to the east, and Turkish-occupied regions of neighboring Aleppo province. ... ..

amanda sloat

Her areas of expertise include Brexit and British politics, Turkey and Southern Europe, European Union, and trans-Atlantic relations.. She was most recently Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Affairs at State Department, Greece, and Turkey and for coordinating European on..

heavy takfiri infighting spreads to turkish border

Members Jaish al Fateh Takfiri front guard Idlib, Syria, on July 18, 2017 Heavy infighting has erupted between two Takfiri terrorist groups Syria's northwestern Idlib Province, with the clashes spreading to border crossing with Turkey.. The battles between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham,..

trump and trade bilateralism

Bilateralism was further discredited during the 1930s because of the extensive use that Nazi Germany made of bilateral trade negotiations to further its trade with Eastern Europe (including the Soviet Union), Turkey, much of Latin America, and China. ..


Syria ...

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