the politics of egyptian migration to libya

The resulting close cooperation between the two states allowed Egyptian community to Libya abolished entry visa requirements in 1971, allowing Egyptians into Libya with card, and the two countries prepared union with Syria order to create the Federal Arab Republic. ..

us-led strike kills 20 civilians in syria

Kurdish People's Protection Units, US-backed militant group Syria, and its allied Democratic Union Party have condemned bombings by Turkey in mainly Kurdish areas, saying Turkish forces targeting innocent civilians under the pretext of combating terrorism... ..

south africa: continent wide outcry at icc withdrawal

The ICC is constrained in reaching these countries because they are not parties to the ICC and because they or their allies on the Security Council have used the veto to block referral to the ICC of situations desperately in need of justice, including Syria. . The African Union (AU) has been..


Democratic Union Party celebrates the anniversary of July Revolution of all the peoples of Rojava and Northern Syria and promises that we will protect the achievements reached with the blood of the martyrs of honour... ..

german government backs illegal attack on syria

The military mission was “necessary and appropriate” to “preserve the effectiveness of the international ban on the use of chemical weapons and to warn the Syrian regime of further violations,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) on Saturday in Berlin. . The attack..


European ...

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