the un and israel in the nikki haley era

Then, in the period between the election and inauguration, event occurred that shaped thinking about Middle East in the minds of Haley and Trump foreign-policy team. . At Senate confirmation hearing just four weeks later, Haley proclaimed, Last passage of UN Resolution 2334 was terrible..

end the war on yemen

Additionally, U.S continues to sell billions of dollars of advanced weapons to coalition states. In March, Senate voted down measure that would have invoked War Powers Act to end U.S with Saudis in waging against  Yemen. ..


January 1, 2015 Back To Future President Reagan 1986 State of Union Address. I urge Senate to move in confirming Judge Anthony Kennedy to Court in the land and to also confirm 27 nominees now waiting to fill vacancies in Federal judiciary... ..

the dying children of yemen

If it is allowed to come to a vote and if the resolution passes, it will require the president to halt all U.S. support for the Saudi coalition. The Senate failed in its duty eight months ago when it killed this resolution the last time it came up, and now the senators will have a second..

sos from david leyonhjelm

The majority of bills pass Senate with barely whiff of scrutiny from Labor Opposition.. ... Coalition needs eight crossbenchers to get bills passed through Senate, and would need seven to get bills passed through joint sitting. ..


Senate met session with House of Representatives to President Bush's State of Union address. ... President Clinton delivered his seventh and State of Union address to members of House and Senate, the branch, the diplomatic corps and guests in the gallery. ..

`no is enough' to become state law

The bill, however, was re-amended in Senate committee to restore the term rape.. Proponents of Senate version, including Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and District Attorneys Association, believe more convictions can be won by using the term rape.. ..


American ...

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