» palestine and the israel-saudi arabia alliance

Al-Shabaka spoke with Ibrahim Fraihat, Al-Shabaka analyst and associate professor at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, about the implications of Khashoggi crisis for Saudi Arabia, and what Palestinians can do to counter Israeli- Saudi alliance.. Exposing the relationship also..


Xinhua news agency a few hours later that the hospital has not yet received any response from United Nations or the countries of Saudi-led coalition to transport the boys. ... Save the Children, charity, that more than 84,700 children under the age of five may have starved to death..

congress can end us involvement in the war on yemen

Now House is under Democratic control, there is plan to put forward identical measures in both chambers, logistical support, intelligence and special forces operations with Saudi-led coalition.. ... Passage of resolution by both houses directing the president to end all military support..

6 times trump 'hit a new low' in 2018

., was killed when he visited Saudi Istanbul October, Trump was hesitant to react publicly and to condemn Saudi Arabia... Days before Trump's statement, CIA concluded that team of Saudi Arabians had tortured and killed Khashoggi, once close friend to Saudi royal family. ..

the dying children of yemen

They have paid just enough attention to Yemen to help Saudi coalition destroy the country, and not nearly enough to forestall the entirely predictable and predicted disaster that has been unfolding in front of all of us for years. it will require the president to halt all U.S support for..

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-Backed Saudi Coalition Is Working with al-Qaeda http www democracynow org 2018 14 ap investigation behind the scenes in   Excerpt AMY GOODMAN Thousands of mourners gathered in the city of Sa'dah for funerals of 51 people, including... ..

the gulf crisis reassessed

In this paper, the 13 Demands of Saudi coalition are considered from the perspective of law, the protocols of international diplomacy, and the framework of cooperation associated with GCC framework. ... Following Trump's, the Coalition to Qatar was formed with GCC of Bahrain,..

what is bible prophecy?

Twelve months ago, global focus shifted from Iran and its Houthi proxies to American-sponsored Saudi-led coalition. On September 27, U.S lawmakers Ro Khanna, Mark Pocan, Thomas Massie and Walter Jones introduced resolution under War Powers Act that demanded U.S end its military support..


Yemen - Iran - United States ...

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