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Avi Gabbay, leader of Labor Party, may have hoped to arrest Zionist Union's free fall in the. Iran has empowered Palestinian Islamic Jihad delegation visiting Tehran to attach Iraqi Shiite militias under Al Qods command and. ..

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Israeli state blocks Palestinian author, ca not stop her words. Ajamu Baraka of Black Alliance for Peace with... URGENT Sign Now to Demand Immediate Release of Palestinian Author Susan Abulhawa. ..

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European Union continues to fiscally back hate education against Israel By supporting Palestinian teachers’ salaries,… . . . ... What is the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism? ..

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The leader of Hadash faction, Arab- Palestinian, while not presenting convincing arguments for their in the coalition, spoke about the fight against the plague of work accidents on construction sites and on the need to advance the struggle against Nationality Law and racism.. ..

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Analysis How Realistic Is Jordan Option for Resolving Palestinian- Israeli Conflict.. Recently, by Abu Mazen that Trump's of the century is, fact, confederation between PA and Jordan, an... ..

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which share twenty-four seats, coalition between these Jewish and Palestinian- Arab groups Israel could become powerful political force. Alternatively, the alliance between the settler party Jewish Home, Netanyahu's Likud, and the orthodox religious parties will continue to win,..

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That certainly fits what we know about U.S. policy at the time, which was to block international cooperation with the shaky Palestinian coalition government including both Hamas and Fatah elements that had been cobbled together after a year's delay, and to build up Fatah's militia for a..


The ribbons, handed out the day before the election, along with pamphlets supporting National Union-National Religious Party, of Israel would not relinquish any more land to Palestinian Authority.. National Union-National Religious Party, opposes giving land to Palestinians,..


Bush, speaking in White House Rose Garden, said United States would publish road map that could lead to the creation of Palestinian state by 2005 as soon as Palestinian Authority appoints prime minister.. But Russia, European Union and United Nations -- is made public, Bush must..


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