politicized intelligence agencies.

For example, FBI Director Comey told ABC News that he met with the President August 2016 and offered to publish in New York Times to let everyone know what was going on with Russia, except not the investigation, referring to Crossfire Hurricane operations against Trump Campaign team... This..


President Obama's comments on energy and climate change in his State of Union address, Feb 12, 2013. 5 minutes 2,545 views... January 28, 2018 Obama's first State of Union. ..


President Lyndon Johnson delivered his State of Union Address to Congress on January 14, 1969, Republican Richard Nixon.. 893 views.. President Obama delivered his seventh and State of Union address to session of Congress, his priorities for action and American people. ..

afghanistan mentioned once in sotu

WASHINGTON, D.C — President Obama, in his State of Union address delivered Tuesday, Afghanistan, home to America's war, once, without highlighting that Taliban has managed to gain control of more territory than at any time since 2001.. ... Moreover, the Islamic State established in..

obama lectures kenyan president on gay rights

President Barack Obama delivers speech to African Union Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Tuesday, July 28. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, right, chairwoman of African Union Commission, stands with Obama as he looks up at the crowd before delivering speech to African Union on..

july 2012 – politicker

Team Obama Calls Romney's World Tour 'Embarrassing Disaster by. 128785807 Team Obama Calls Romneys World Tour Embarrassing Disaster Mitt Romney This afternoon Obama campaign held conference call to highlight the high-profile controversies that occurred during Mitt Romney's..


American ...

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