President Obama's comments on energy and climate change in his State of Union address, Feb 12, 2013. 5 minutes 2,545 views... January 28, 2018 Obama's first State of Union. ..


It measures candidates against Populism 2015 platform released earlier this year, before the campaign began, by the Campaign for America's Future, National People's Action, Alliance for Just Society, Working America and Working Families Party. WASHINGTON President Obama's State of..

transformational change

. … none of us in the TOD village is surprised that meeting and listening to, and getting to know our Forever POTUS, PBO was a key moment in his transformation ……. many people denied themselves the chance to enjoy PBO’s time in office and the role of other members of Team Obama . …..


President Lyndon Johnson delivered his State of Union Address to Congress on January 14, 1969, Republican Richard Nixon.. 893 views.. President Obama delivered his seventh and State of Union address to session of Congress, his priorities for action and American people. ..

christianity crucifying the constitution

 In statements earlier this week, both Bishop Council Nedd and Bill Donohue, leaders, respectively, of the organizations, criticized and insulted both White House, including President Obama and his administration, for having non-binding, non-policy making, conversation. ... In their press..


American ...

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