'Regrettably, the European people’s safety and European peace have become hostage to the destructive policies pursued by Washington and a small but highly aggressive group of Russia-haters in the European Union,' he stated, according to TASS. . Lavrov pointed out that NATO continued its..

rtw november 29, 2018

Our French colleagues recently announced an initiative which they call the European Initiative on Intervention, which was explained as being something they want to develop inside the European Union and NATO, or rather, I am sorry, outside the European Union and NATO because..

the uncertain road ahead for macedonia

The vast majority of voters who took part in Macedonia’s referendum on September 30 supported changing the country’s name to North Macedonia in order to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union, as outlined in the so-called Prespa Agreement, signed..

the asymmetric world order

It, along with its allies, imposed neoliberal structural adjustment on Russia and gobbled up its empire in Eastern Europe, admitting many of the newly independent states into the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO).  . ..

william drozdiak

he conducted interviews with many leading statesmen and covered major political, economic, and security issues across Europe, including the enlargement of NATO, European Union, and Balkan wars. ..

gorbachev yields germany to nato

But German soldiers not integrated into NATO command may be stationed there United States, Britain and Soviet Union - will cease at once upon unification. ... Its secretary-general, Manfred Woerner, met Saturday with Gorbachev praised the new spirit of cooperation with Soviet..

the sky, not europe, is our front line

The administration will abandon the myth and face The United States will not guarantee to respond to Soviet attack on Western Europe with attack on Soviet Union... Wo not post- NATO world encourage Europeans to become neutralist, or invite Kremlin to roll its tanks westward. ..


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