europe is back – foreign policy

Washington was annoyed by its anemic defense contributions to NATO and ambivalent about its integration project, the European Union, which U.S. policymakers saw as no more than another regional organization. ... Primarily a military alliance, NATO does not encapsulate the..

the dismemberment of yugoslavia 20 years on

With the overthrow of the Soviet Union and with Yeltsin backed to the hilt by US financiers, propagandists and Goldman Sachs-provided-economists Nato turned its murderous eye on another independent, sovereign nation in Europe, Yugoslavia. . ... But with the overthrow of communism in eastern..

understanding nato, ending war

But few would disagree with Professor Jan Oberg’s brief statement on the origin of NATO: ‘Its raison d’etre... had always and unambiguously been the very existence of the Soviet Union... and its socialist/communist ideology.’ ... In light of the above, Chossudovsky observes:..

how powerful was the ‘soviet nato’?

Many forget, however, that it was the Western powers who first established the military and political alliance NATO in 1949. ... Thus was the “Soviet NATO” born. . Getty Images . . The new organization included the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic (GDR, aka..

america engaged

Yet his attacks do not seem to have dented public support for the transatlantic alliance. . . . . . . . NATO Commitment . . Do you feel we should increase our commitment to NATO, keep our commitment what it is now, decrease our commitment to NATO, or withdraw from NATO entirely? ..

the asymmetric world order

It, along with its allies, imposed neoliberal structural adjustment on Russia and gobbled up its empire in Eastern Europe, admitting many of the newly independent states into the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO).  . ..

bush speaks bluntly to nato allies

At the opening of summit that is charting post-Cold War for the alliance, North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders adopted doctrine designed to confront the risks of instability that have replaced the fear of Soviet attack... In declaration due to be released..

gorbachev yields germany to nato

But German soldiers not integrated into NATO command may be stationed there United States, Britain and Soviet Union - will cease at once upon unification. ... Its secretary-general, Manfred Woerner, met Saturday with Gorbachev praised the new spirit of cooperation with Soviet..


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