5 jewish takeaways from the midterm elections

.- Israel on Capitol Hill is strong, and we are committed to continuing to work on bipartisan basis with Congress to further galvanize support for the alliance... Republican Jewish Coalition scored wins in races where it invested, including in the North Dakota Senate race, where..

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The actions mentioned at the beginning of this article show that influence office occupations, blockades, hoaxes — all part of the repertoire refined by ACT UP, Women's Action Coalition, Women's Health Action & Mobilization, and Lesbian Avengers during Oslo years. ... In particular, Bund's..

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which share twenty-four seats, coalition between these Jewish and Palestinian- Arab groups Israel could become powerful political force. Alternatively, the alliance between the settler party Jewish Home, Netanyahu's Likud, and the orthodox religious parties will..

political nonprofits bungle irs filings

Moreover, Republican Jewish Coalition did not list media buying firm Jamestown Associates its IRS filing for either 2010 or 2012, despite paying the company at least $1.1 in 2010 and $4.5 in 2012, according to FEC records.. Jeffrey Altman, attorney for Republican Jewish..

philo-semitism has believers, skeptics

By the belief that they have in the In recent weeks, leaders of three of Jewish groups -- Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and Union for Reform Judaism -- have decried what they see as mounting threat to the separation of church and state from evangelicals..


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