the jewish case for open borders

The power of this accusation came from long-established perception that Jews lacked loyalty, that they behaved as guests in the nations that hosted them Protocols of Elders of Zion contrasted the international force of Jews with the national rights they allegedly sought to destroy. Jewish..

where did israeli-russian vote go?

These include a dearth in public housing for needy seniors, scant pensions, the crisis of 400,000 immigrants from the Soviet Union who cannot marry in Israel (they are not considered Jews according to Jewish Orthodox law), the glass ceiling, and so on. . ..

the case for canadian-jewish exceptionalism

On average, the roughly 600,000 Jews who immigrated to the West from the former Soviet Union over the past half century were significantly more assimilated than the more than 1.2 million who settled in Israel. The 250,000 Jews who were left behind in the former Soviet Union..

jewish leader: netanyahu election move concerns us jews

Jewish leader: Netanyahu election move concerns US Jews . BC-ML--Israel-US Jews . . JERUSALEM (AP) — A prominent Jewish-American leader says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's alliance with an ultranationalist political party has raised significant concerns among..

holocaust denial, dementia and israel

By demanding the dismantling of the construction of lies about, Analyzing the rest of the in this survey, we reach the conclusion that anti-Semitism must not be fought through Holocaust Remembrance commemorations or promoting school courses and pilgrimages, except above all Israel inside European..

jewish people: divided and conquered from within?

The same newspaper has launched a campaign together with Electronic Intifada and Al-Jazeera to attack the financial supporters of the Canary Mission – a watchdog that compiles public statements and social media posts of antisemites and anti-Israel activists who demonize the Jewish state, deny the Holocaust,..

is it time to revisit the law of return?

Israel turned Nuremburg law on its head the definition of Jewishness used by Nazis to send people to death camps became the definition to save lives of Jews, in particular those from Eastern Europe and Soviet Union.. Thus, there are large numbers of Jews Israel, USA and..

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Honduras will be moving ahead with plans to open its Israel Jerusalem, and... Jews Israel kick people lying on the ground. NEW YORK — All European Union member states supported U.S resolution condemning Hamas  in  United... ..

affiliation influences voters' party choices

o National Union-National Religious Party, the other religious parties are Ashkenazi, or European, the ultra- Orthodox United Torah Judaism and Shas, the party of ultra- Orthodox Sephardic, or Middle Eastern and North African Jews. Unlike National Union-National Religious Party, United..

jewish, christian rift can't be healed

Jewish Leaders Wrote Letter Asking Their Community Not To Attend Israeli Celebration Because Messianic Jews Will Be There... Christian Alliance for Israel expects to bring at least 15,000 people to Orange County Convention Center April 29-May for `` Israel's Jubilee... ..

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