trump delivers state of the union address

Congress in House Chamber of U.S. FEBRUARY 5, 2019 - WASHINGTON, DC President Donald Trump delivered State of Union address, with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi, at Capitol Washington, DC on February 5, 2019. ... President Donald Trump delivers..

state of the union

Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi watches as President Trump delivers his second State of Union address to session of U.S. President Trump delivers State of Union address, with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi. ..

"state of the union address"

State of Union Address. 882 views.. Kellyanne Conway answered questions from reporters outside White House on topics that included State of Union address, the deficit, and recent news articles. 3,933 views.. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request that the president delay..

shutting down in trumpland

Pelosi, not wanting to be left out of the romp of low expectations, retaliated by insisting that House of Representatives will not consider resolution authorizing the president's State of Union address in House until the government has opened... ..

pelosi: no state of the union in house chamber

- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuffed President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying she would not allow him to deliver his State of Union in House while the government is shut down.. I am writing to inform you that House of Representatives will not consider resolution..


Senate met session with House of Representatives to President Bush's State of Union address. ... President Clinton delivered his seventh and State of Union address to members of House and Senate, the branch, the diplomatic corps and guests in the gallery. ..

september, 2011

Anthony and his son, Robert DelVecchio, joined team of volunteers from around the country for 10-day house building Corvallis, Oregon with Habitat for Humanity. ..

bush has own plan for aid to soviets

The aid would include teams of experts to help rebuild rail and communication networks, storage sites, and distribution systems, White House officials said Sunday They emphasized that Bush still opposes large financial aid to Soviet Union, as proposed by West Germany and France... ... On..


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