the short war illusion

He lost it all and was outthought and outfought Russia in 1812, then Germany and France in 1813-1814. Then Carthage lost to Rome, England lost to France, Napoleon lost to Grand Alliance, Imperial Germany lost to Allies,   and Hitler lost it all, utterly catastrophically, in..

the august 23rd communist-nazi alliance

On August 23, 1939 Nazi Germany signed pact with Soviet Union, uniting two evils in alliance that would launch the most human history.  The first and most immediate clause was that Nazi Germany and Soviet Union would invade the sovereign state of Poland..

the german state's turn against democracy

The scope of the union is no secret as 'important step towards genuine Economic and Monetary Union ). In acting as it did, and supporting the union, Germany's highest court has exposed contradiction between its role as the guardian of German constitution and its determination to..


According to its 2016 manifesto, Republican Party lies far from Conservative Party Britain and Christian Democratic Union Germany, and closer to far-right parties like Alternative for Germany, anti-Muslim statements... ..

wwii: russia’s epic role in nazis’ defeat

The truth holds without the remarkable efforts of Soviet Union on Eastern Front, United States and Great Britain would have been hard-pressed to score decisive military victory over Nazi Germany.. ... By degree of cooperation and was essential to securing the defeat of, relations..

germany seeks 'more europe' in upcoming eu elections

We have much to thank Europe about, reads the opening line of Germany's ruling union of Christian Democrats and Christian Social Democrats, for the time, participating in European elections with election program.. ... In Germany, Dexit is associated with Alternative for Germany..


 In December 2001, Americans and their coalition of U.K., Germany, and Northern Alliance, militia made up primarily of Uzbeks, Tajiks, and other regional warlords, attempted to capture bin Laden and his friends at Tora Bora. ..

sri lanka’s early human hunters

By team of researchers, JENA, GERMANY — Cosmos reports that evidence of sophisticated hunting strategies employed some 45,000 years ago by modern humans has been found among thousands of bone fragments Sri Lanka's Fa-Hien Lena Cave. ..


TEHRAN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to leave the post of the leader of Christian Democratic Union of Germany and will not take part in the election of CDU leader. ..

a new approach to the holocaust

In August 1939 Nazi Germany entered alliance with its putative ideological enemy, Soviet Union, and the month Wehrmacht and Red Army both invaded Poland.. ... Germany's of Soviet Union June 1941 was to be the struggle for existence of German people, the war against..

richard j. evans, the third reich trilogy

At first Germany had the advantage of surprise, ultimately Germany never had chance against the industrial and power of United States, Soviet Union. As Germany began to lose, and Western allies began to bomb German cities, German morale deteriorated and Nazi Germany..

operation barbarossa

On 22 June 1941, Hitler ordered the start of 'Operation Barbarossa the campaign to conquer Soviet Union.. To mark the day, here are some newspaper stories that report on the start of the war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union... ..

e. germany struggles not to split before unity

By putting off decision on the timing of unification with, EAST BERLIN — East Germany's ruling coalition avoided collapse on Sunday West Germany.. ... Prime Minister Lothar de Maiziere's Christian Democrats, plus East German parties, want the fought under the separate laws of..

new e. germany seeks deliverance from past

The coalition announced its support for unification without delay, to be achieved through West German of East Germany's five historic states.. It said East Germany could approve NATO for Germany, only which now calls for the alliance to defend against Soviet..

e. german victor seeks big coalition

The results of East Germany's first free elections Sunday left the three-party group called Alliance for Germany that de Maiziere's Christian Democrats led just few seats short of in Parliament.. De Maiziere called on other parties Monday to join his in coalition to..


Soviet ...

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