6 jewish takeaways from the mueller report

During World War II, the town was occupied by Soviet Union and then Nazi Germany. In December 2016, the team was concerned with upcoming vote at Security Council on U.N resolution condemning Israeli settlements, fearing, that Obama administration would use the occasion to..

nato in crisis

Today the alliance is threatened, with President Trump rightly accusing Germany and other members of not living up to their pledges to support the pact. ... He blasts Trump saying, The alliance is not being undermined by Germany, except by Trump casting doubt on NATO's..

sri lanka’s early human hunters

By team of researchers, JENA, GERMANY — Cosmos reports that evidence of sophisticated hunting strategies employed some 45,000 years ago by modern humans has been found among thousands of bone fragments Sri Lanka's Fa-Hien Lena Cave. ..

malaysia chronicle

In his latest opinion about EU transforming into Soviet Union, Soros admits EU's country Germany being glued together by Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union has become unsustainable. ..

france, germany are uprooting pillars of the european

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron address the media during press conference in German chancellery on Volkstrauertag, Germany's day of mourning for victims of war, on November 18, 2018 Berlin, Germany. .. By the last financial crisis, The deal still holds, and..

hitler’s economics

It's wrong to attempt to examine the economic policies of any leviathan state apart from the violence that characterizes all central planning, whether Germany, Soviet Union, or United States. ..

merkel formally initiates her political withdrawal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends press conference at the headquarters of Christian Democratic Union Berlin, capital of Germany, on Oct 29, 2018. ... Merkel has informed decision to Horst Seehofer, leader of Christian Social Union and Andrea Nahles, chairwoman of German Social..


TEHRAN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to leave the post of the leader of Christian Democratic Union of Germany and will not take part in the election of CDU leader. ..

the futility of european elections

Germany has will not agree to proposed solutions that would turn the eurozone into union until the rest of Europe can balance their budgets through austerity measures. Germany's robust economy gives the country financial cushion to soften the effects of deficit cuts the rest of..

a new approach to the holocaust

In August 1939 Nazi Germany entered alliance with its putative ideological enemy, Soviet Union, and the month Wehrmacht and Red Army both invaded Poland.. ... Germany's of Soviet Union June 1941 was to be the struggle for existence of German people, the war against..

german government launches camp system for refugees

The master plan of German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of Christian Social Union envisages the expansion of anchor centres throughout Germany, and the extension of the hotspot concept across Europe.. ... It embodies the contempt of CSU, and the coalition and all of the..

richard j. evans, the third reich trilogy

At first Germany had the advantage of surprise, ultimately Germany never had chance against the industrial and power of United States, Soviet Union. As Germany began to lose, and Western allies began to bomb German cities, German morale deteriorated and Nazi Germany..

operation barbarossa

On 22 June 1941, Hitler ordered the start of 'Operation Barbarossa the campaign to conquer Soviet Union.. To mark the day, here are some newspaper stories that report on the start of the war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union... ..


The government decided to take part in the action with submarine and corvette and medical team.. Despite opposition to war on Iraq, Germany has chemical-warfare-decontamination specialists Kuwait who will be increased to between 200 and 250 troops.. ..

e. germany struggles not to split before unity

By putting off decision on the timing of unification with, EAST BERLIN — East Germany's ruling coalition avoided collapse on Sunday West Germany.. ... Prime Minister Lothar de Maiziere's Christian Democrats, plus East German parties, want the fought under the separate laws of..

germanys welcome unity role for allies

Evidently sensing that East Germany's caretaker prime minister was powerless, Kohl gave him negligent welcome and used the meeting largely to announce committee for monetary union.. In pressing for union, that the step was critical to stem the exodus from East and to prevent the..


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