unionism of resistance

IN JANUARY 2009, French Nicolas Sarkozy launched vicious attack against the railway workers SUD, accusing them of having paralyzed one of the main train stations Paris and, by extension, rail transport into and out of other parts of France. ..


TEHRAN - Taliban representatives and US authorities finalized proposed during the course of six days of negotiations Qatar that would put end to Afghan war, on Saturday, citing Taliban sources.. ..

the grim cost of the “oslo war”

Israel has always been facing the unrelenting hostility of the European Union, France and Germany, which today are among the most ardent supporters of the corrupted “Palestinian cause”. ... The European Union, France and Germany will apparently not stop funding the..

monthly review

“Mass unionism” cleared its own pathway—its chosen aim was that all the workers in each line of industry or trade were to be organized in and belong to a the same union. France remained an exception to this general tendency. Each union, in the tradition of revolutionary syndicalism,..

what's left of the union?

Large parts of the EU populations in the “old” countries of the unionFrance, Germany, and the Netherlands among them—are uncomfortable with expansion to twenty-five countries. ..

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