the battle before the united europe

Koener then argues that “Anti-EU parties might not find the broad agreement required to build a united movement in the EP; but their potential strengthening and closer collaboration would still increase the complexity in the EP, hamper voting and decision making and contribute to further tensions and..

uk calls on eu to unite against russia

May, whose country is in the process of leaving the European Union (EU) following a historic referendum in June, said Thursday that the EU needs to take a tougher stance against the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. . ..

emu and international conflict

The tentative decision of the 15 European Union (EU) member states (with the exceptions of Denmark and the United Kingdom), embodied in the Maastricht Treaty, to abandon their national currencies for the euro is therefore a decision of fundamental political significance. . ..

the moral liberal

When the Eagles came out with their mega-hit “Hotel California” almost 40 years ago, I’m sure they never dreamt that their words would capture the essence of the economic and political nightmare that the nations of the European Union (EU) would be suffering through in... . read more ...

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