a heroic american state of the union address

President Trump had lifted the shadow of Obama’s State of the Union addresses, which invoked American history as a prisoner of a dark past requiring reform and repentance, but the shadow of that hatred still lingered in the divisive identity politics of the Democrats which put..

frc blog

For Christians, dignity and the sanctity of life are grounded in this doctrine, and it's quite remarkable for the President of United States to affirm this belief in State of Union address.. Democrats blocked the bill on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans can..

does it matter who leads the democrat party?

Likely to form the core of the government is either Pheu Thai or Palang Pracharat Party and they will need Democrats as coalition partners. . Whether Abhisit or Warong wins, there is probability that Democrats will collaborate with pro-junta parties to form the government and..

murphy campaign continues rapid fundraising pace

Chris Murphy will join other gun control advocates and coalition of progressive groups in one-day fundraising effort for eight Democrats hoping to defeat Republican incumbents with. Chris Murphy will join other gun control advocates and coalition of progressive groups in one-day..

e pluribus unum

Which means they are coalition of Progressives, Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Communists, and other Left-Wing groups to accomplish like-minded goals... ..

german election setback to merkel

It is currently run by a left-right 'grand coalition' of the center-left Social Democrats, who provide Gov. ... Sellering could decide to continue that alliance or form a coalition with the ex-communist Left Party, which scored some 17 percent. ..

leader's party makes gains in german voting

But his hopes for a result that could restore his majority in the upper house of the federal parliament were dashed as Bremen's Social Democrat mayor vowed to prolong a ``grand coalition'' with the Christian Democrats, Schroeder's main conservative opponents. . . . . . ..

council retains bipartisan look

``We have in place team of nine people, Democrats and Republicans, said Deputy Mayor Frances Sanchez, Democrat. ... She and Michael DeRosa, Green Party's organizer, said the alliance between Democrats and Republicans Hartford politics made third-party challenge..

west berlin's ruling coalition loses majority

Their coalition partners, Free Democrats, failed to muster the 5 percent of the vote necessary to have any representation and will be dropped from the city's legislature.. Eberhard Diepgen, Christian Democratic mayor who had hoped to ride his popularity to another term for his..


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