labour: no collaboration with capitalist parties!

Some Labour Party 'lefts - spooked by the prospect of no-deal, the local and Euro election results, and polling 'bounce for Johnson at Brexit Party's expense - are now also leaning towards the idea of so-called progressive alliance with Liberal Democrats to stop Johnson.. ..

german green party on the path to victory

Deutschlandtrend poll by Infratest dimap has put Greens up 6 percentage points at record 26%, ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats and sister party Bavarian Christian Social Union, reflecting similar sampling last week. ... The results of these polls indicate that the..

it’s the fragmentation, stupid!

Moreover, the pro-system Greens- European Free Alliance and, particularly, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe were among the big winners too, with 23 and 41, respectively.. ... First, ALDE has successful parties throughout Europe, from Venstre Denmark to Ciudadanos..

merkel faces political turmoil in germany as social

The Forsa polling institute reported Sunday that Greens had for the time topped its poll, with the conservatives second and Social Democrats third at 12%... The alliance between the conservatives and Social Democrats is now finished, wrote Detlef Esslinger in commentary for..

eu election might redistribute political cards

By garnering more support in, Further, European centrist group, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, including Macron's supporters, hopes to consolidate its in EP France, Italy and Spain, and even regain its position as the third-largest group in EP. ... EP has published..

germany defines bds as antisemitic

resolution adopted Friday by alliance of governing Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union and Social Democrats, and Free Democrats and Greens, reads . ... The resolution was passed Friday in Bundestag by alliance of governing Christian Democratic..

getting the most from the few

Other MEPs are split between Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Greens European Free Alliance and European Conservatives and Reformists Group. ..

brexit breaks a prime minister

Just today, Guy Verhofstadt, leader of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group in European Parliament wrote that euroskeptic parties have become Russian fifth column within European Union... ..

frc blog

For Christians, dignity and the sanctity of life are grounded in this doctrine, and it's quite remarkable for the President of United States to affirm this belief in State of Union address.. Democrats blocked the bill on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans can..

can the left take over the democratic party?

To answer this question we will consider PDA's recent record, and then take look at far more substantial attempt to mount internal challenge to Democrats, Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition campaigns of the 1980s.. ... It's the in series of vehicles, including Tom Hayden's..

does it matter who leads the democrat party?

Likely to form the core of the government is either Pheu Thai or Palang Pracharat Party and they will need Democrats as coalition partners. . Whether Abhisit or Warong wins, there is probability that Democrats will collaborate with pro-junta parties to form the government and..

council retains bipartisan look

``We have in place team of nine people, Democrats and Republicans, said Deputy Mayor Frances Sanchez, Democrat. ... She and Michael DeRosa, Green Party's organizer, said the alliance between Democrats and Republicans Hartford politics made third-party challenge..

west berlin's ruling coalition loses majority

Their coalition partners, Free Democrats, failed to muster the 5 percent of the vote necessary to have any representation and will be dropped from the city's legislature.. Eberhard Diepgen, Christian Democratic mayor who had hoped to ride his popularity to another term for his..


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