india gambles on its kashmir strategy

What may ensue is version of the transformation of Muslim-majority Xinjiang western China, steadily yoked to the rest of the country by the migration of Han Chinese.. The union territory of Ladakh will have no legislature the new territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have legislature..

john stanton

Century Korean War from 1950-1953 pitting US-led United Nations coalition forces against North Korean and Chinese militaries has been pause mode for 64 years. ..

how china really sees the trade war

In little-noticed interview with Chinese media on May 10, the day that trade talks broke off, Chinese, Vice Premier Liu He, acknowledged that Chinese side had crossed out many of the provisions Americans had added. Over the period, Chinese exports to European Union, rose by 14.2..


China agreed to grant European Union countries improved market access, subsidies to Chinese companies, other governments say, gives them unfair advantage. In the late 1950s, Mao began to challenge Soviet Union's of the movement, then potent force that hoped to overturn United..

why the west won't act on china's uighur crisis

Ethnic Uighurs take part in protest march asking European Union to call upon China to respect human rights in Chinese Xinjiang and the closure of Ethnic Uighurs take part in protest march asking European Union to call upon China to close its re-education centers Xinjiang,..

can we please learn from history?

The historians of the future may also note the multiple ironies involved in the idea of the USA leading a new 'league of democracies' against an 'authoritarian alliance'. In Asia, of course, this anti-Chinese alliance would include as key members Vietnamese communists, murderous..

taiwan set for referendum overkill – asia sentinel

Firing a first warning shot as a punishment for the referendum on replacing the current name of the national teamChinese Taipei” with “Taiwan,” Beijing in July made the East Asian Olympic Committee swiftly revoke Taiwan’s right to host the 2019 East Asian Youth Games.” . ..

effort to form union in china meets ferocious repression

This article was published at Labornotes org group of workers China's manufacturing hub of Shenzhen tried something very rare this summer — they attempted to follow the legal process to set up union.. But their employer and Chinese government cracked down on both the workers and the..

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Ching Kwan Lee, 'Made China, presentation at Mansfield Conference, The University of Montana, Missoula, April 20, 2004, http www umt edu, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Chinese Labor and WTO., 2004, http www ihlo org, 22. 27. ..


TEHRAN - German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told his Chinese Wang Yi on the sidelines of Session of UN General Assembly that European Union does not support the use of sanctions and tariffs as political tool... ... Germany calls for the boost of contacts and cooperation between the..


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