why europe is getting tough on china

As result, coalition to manage China's rise can no center on Asian security partnerships alone except must now include the world's principal concentrations of power, technological progress, and liberal democratic values. ... But European Union and its member states are also..

why the west won't act on china's uighur crisis

Western nations have failed to respond to the reported abuses, conspiracy of silence that speaks to China's still-strong economic and political clout.. Ethnic Uighurs take part in protest march asking European Union to call upon China to respect human rights in Chinese Xinjiang..

the eurasian concept

While Sino-Soviet relations in the past had been always uneasy to say the least, after the collapse of Soviet Union China- Russia rapprochement began. ... China, Afghanistan, India and Iran and Gulf, this geopolitically region's natural resources and human capital makes the..

a new cold war with china?

If you doubt that, consider that Americans have helped to lift hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty over the century through trade, enriching China in the process. Cropsey's plan overlooks another critical difference between the Sino- U.S and Cold War Soviet Union was..

american politics turn from ugly to violent

The fact that Cuba's government is starting to act more like China Port Arthur, New Orleans and Tampa. ... For decades, the Philadelphia Trumpet and its parent magazine, Plain Truth, have predicted the deterioration of trade relations between United States and Mexico, its third-largest trading..

effort to form union in china meets ferocious

More than 50 students and workers were arrested this summer during struggle to form union at Jasic Technology Shenzhen, China. This article was published at Labornotes org group of workers China's manufacturing hub of Shenzhen tried something very rare this summer — they..

monthly review

It's noteworthy that the project's collapse more or less coincided with the decline of Soviet Union and the disappearance of Maoism China.. Prashad leaves the impression that Soviet Union and China were not doing enough to support Vietnamese against U.S imperialism. ..

sa, china push for stronger ties

They also called for more in international and regional organisations including BRICS, G20, United Nations and African Union... China and South Africa have maintained close communication and cooperation within BRICS framework, and China will work with South Africa, ... ..


Germany calls for the boost of contacts and cooperation between the European Union and China on important international issues, Maas said, as quoted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, .. ... Both China and European Union have expressed their concern over the US..

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