spotlight: anti-iran coalition unrealized amid

Spotlight: Anti-Iran coalition unrealized amid divergence in Warsaw conference . ... CAIRO, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Warsaw conference on the Middle East ended up without setting up the anti-Iran coalition, an overt goal of the United States that remains unrealized. . ..

sweden: new government attacks workers' rights

The platform of Social Democrat-Green Sweden, based on agreement with two parties from the alliance parties, is neo-liberal and anti-working class. Social Democrats that the threat of new laws will force the union leaders to sign deal with the employers to worsen the present rules..

how venezuela has united erdogan, turkish left

Therefore, the willingness to stand by brutal dictator that belies sickness on the contemporary left is phenomenon of the poverty of the in the aftermath of Cold and the demise of Soviet Union.. Besides anti- Americanism or anti-imperialism of the Turkish left shared by its like all..

holocaust denial, dementia and israel

By demanding the dismantling of the construction of lies about, Analyzing the rest of the in this survey, we reach the conclusion that anti-Semitism must not be fought through Holocaust Remembrance commemorations or promoting school courses and pilgrimages, except above all Israel inside European..


TEHRAN - Thousands of anti-war activists from the US and other countries of the world have called on European Union to skip Washington-sponsored anti- Iran conference Poland next month... ..

why prohibition failed

To understand how Prohibition came to be, Iacullo-Bird pointed out the crucial push from movements beginning in the century, such as Woman's Christian Temperance Union and Anti-Saloon League.. ..

the tragedy of marc lamont hill's firing

.- Israeli alliance, as anti-Semitism combining with general lack of awareness of how the relationship between the two countries benefits America.. maybe americans are beginning to wonder what is it we get for those billions we keep giving to israel... ..

your illinois news radar » 2018 » june

By the ruling have recommitted to their union over the past six months, The American Federation of Teachers said that more than 500,000 of its members in the 10 states most affected, and that educators wo not be swayed by anti-union ads or canvassers funded by right-wing groups.. ..

activists take aim at anti-lgbtq 'hate group,'

The billboard is part of a new campaign that aims to draw attention to the conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF, which has been labeled an anti-LGBTQ “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a designation the group disputes. ... Texas, which..

frontera nortesur

New Human Rights Movement Stirs from Below Posted Human Rights & Women's Issues - One of the unforeseen results of U.S election could be the emergence of broad new coalition committed to anti-racism, immigrant rights and the tolerance of all faiths, creeds and liberties. ..

the world according to isis

Supported by coalition planes, the American-backed anti- ISIS alliance of Syrian Kurds and Arab rebel groups, known made important gains against the in the half of 2015, threatening to cut off its last direct access to Turkish border and hampering its ability to attract foreign..

probe finds no anti-union bias

Probe Finds No Anti-union Bias . . October 29, 1999 | By BILL LEUKHARDT; Courant Staff Writer . ... Yorski had alleged that Sencio's anti-union bias cost him assignments as a field training officer and a traffic investigator. ..

chief accused of anti-union bias

NEW BRITAIN — complaint of anti-union discrimination by Police Chief William Sencio is being investigated by West Hartford attorney.. ... In Monday about the complaint, Yorski threatened to bring charge of ``anti-union bias against me if Sencio disciplined Yorski and..

when america surveilled its writers

F.B.I file on Dos Passos says that at one time he sympathized with Soviet Union that anti-Fascist cause enlisted his interest during Spanish Civil War that he championed the rights of striking Kentucky coal miners during Depression.. ..


Israel ...

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