foreign policy at the state of the union

On policy, State of Union was Donald Trump.. The president promised to withdraw troops from Syria, open negotiations with Taliban Afghanistan, and praised the in spending by NATO allies. ... In short, State of Union offered no real surprises policy. ultimately from..

u.s. faces dilemma: how to try suspect

District Court in Virginia in connection with his role in a prison uprising last November in northern Afghanistan. . Another U.S. citizen, Yasser Esam Hamdi, who was born in Louisiana to Saudi parents and captured by Northern Alliance soldiers in Afghanistan last fall, has been held..

what went wrong with arms control?

Détente survived U.S against ally of Soviet Union Southeast Asia it did not survive Soviet against Afghanistan. But the reprisals were attempts to deny athletes, bread grains and equipment to Soviet Union one attempt failed and second was reversed for the benefit of American..

matthieu aikins

Army Special Forces Wardak Province Afghanistanteam of judges on behalf of Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University selected Aikins work, The A-Team Killings, published in Nov 21, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone.. ..

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