the echo effect of 1968

Paco Ignacio Taibo II—leader in the 1968 Mexican student strike, journalist, social activist, union organizer—is widely known for his crime novels, and is considered the founder of the neo-crime genre in Latin America. ..

ways of resistance in latin america

It is difficult to find mention of “Leninist” movements in Latin America that aren’t actually talking about some form of Stalinism or Maoism. The influence of the Soviet Union on the region is a lesser-discussed side effect of the Cold War, which often prevents us from..

folha de s.paulo - internacional - en - world

Compartilhar nas redes sociais 'Chef Defends Union of Amazonian Countries through Cooking' . . Chef Defends Union of Amazonian Countries through Cooking . 'We want Amazonian cuisine to unite Latin America,' said Pedro Miguel... . 27.jun.2018 às 11h21 . ..

russia infiltrates latin america

As we have indicated in previous articles, the European Union, Latin America’s long-time trading partner, has a vital interest in securing increasing access to the continent’s rich raw materials resources, in addition to capturing it as a vital outlet for EU exports. ..

federico fuentes – countercurrents

By Eulalia Reyes de Whitney & Federico Fuentes More than 300 international representatives from organisations such as the African Union, the Caribbean Community and the Electoral Experts Council of Latin America, as well as former heads of states, parliamentarians, trade..

monthly review

But this surplus-population becomes, conversely, the lever of accumulation, nay, condition of existence of the capitalist mode of production. ..

trump and trade bilateralism

Bilateralism was further discredited during the 1930s because of the extensive use that Nazi Germany made of bilateral trade negotiations to further its trade with Eastern Europe (including the Soviet Union), Turkey, much of Latin America, and China. ..


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