addressing new york's new abortion law

Modern abortion techniques do not result in birth however, in the unlikelihood that baby was born alive, the provider and team of medical support staff would provide all necessary medical care, as they would in the case of any birth, in email.. ..

colin p. clarke - profile

It's crucial that United States and its coalition partners take into consideration and preempt ISIS nostalgia narratives that may seek to define the group's legacy and prepare foundation for its resurgence throughout Middle East and beyond. ... -led coalition to figure out what its next..

children’s gender may bias pain assessments

The team wanted to expand on existing literature by replicating 2014 study, as girl.. ... The team then asked participants to rate how much pain the child sensed and displayed, how typical the child was in these respects and how much they agreed with gender stereotypes concerning pain..

new york city sued for banning gay cure therapy

The legal challenge was brought by Alliance Defending Freedom, which is listed as anti-LGBT hate group by watchdog Southern Poverty Law Center.. ... Alliance Defending Freedom Jack Phillips talks with journalists in front of Supreme Court after the court heard Masterpiece Cakeshop v. ..

sweden: new government attacks workers' rights

Social Democrats that the threat of new laws will force the union leaders to sign deal with the employers to worsen the present rules - something the union leaders seem prepared to do.. On the right, Moderates and Christian Democrats accused Liberals and Centre Party of betraying their..

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