., union man

My new book, Dockworker Power Race and Activism Durban and San Francisco Bay Area, chronicles King's with union that was, perhaps, the most racially in the country. That was Local of International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, or ILWU.. ..

ten facts about the state of the union address

The tradition of giving State of Union Address is rooted in U.S. Article II, Section 3 stipulates The president shall from time to time to Congress Information of State of Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.. ... ..


The Inter- Parliamentary Union and Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe interviewed 123 women from 45 European countries and concluded that 85% of the respondents suffered from Parliament. ..

as germany goes

With imports growing faster than exports, the impact of the trade disputes between the US and both China and European Union has been felt by industry leaders.. ... By unrest and public loss of faith in the government, France, once reliable political ally to Germany and strong in the..

austria: class polarisation on the rise

The government of Sebastian Kurz was formed as coalition of the traditional party of Austrian and FPÖ. ... The leader of the railway workers, Roman Hebenstreit, grumbled about the government and those in the early 2000, called for alliance of unions and civil society and called for..


Counselor to President Kellyanne Conway answered questions from reporters outside White House on topics including State of Union address, the deficit and recent news. 3,785 views.. ... Telephone lines and media were open for viewer comments on the postponement of State of Union address..

russian denies its missile violates inf treaty

Under INF Treaty signed between Soviet Union and United States, the parties committed themselves to liquidating their ground-based medium-range and shorter-range missiles, the launchers of such missiles, and the auxiliary facilities and equipment.. By June 1991, Soviet Union destroyed..

presstv-pelosi blocks state of union until trump ends

PressTV-Pelosi blocks State of Union until Trump ends shutdown. US  House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has President Donald Trump that he will not be allowed to deliver State of Union address until government shutdown ends... ... State of Union speech is considered..

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