what europe wants

The report from Transnational Institute reveals that member states of European Union and Schengen Area have constructed almost km of walls, the equivalent of more than six times the length of Berlin Wall. ..

treaty of aachen: unifying or divisive?

Officially, the alliance between Berlin and Paris is being presented as bulwark against the populism that is spreading in the south and the east. ... Germany and France in particular have responsibility to overcome their differences, strengthen their alliance and, together, promote..

treaty of aachen: hope for europe's future?

Germany and France in particular have responsibility to overcome their differences, strengthen their alliance and, together, promote European project with intensity and enthusiasm...   Original article Share on  ... The objective of the initiative is in the face of Brexit, chaotic and..

greece's public debt on the rise

Greece's debt is the in terms of its ratio to GDP both European Union and Eurozone Greece's debt reached €334.988 in the quarter of 2018, increase of €21.493 billion over that of the in 2017, Greek National Statistical Authority said on Monday.. ... At the time, European Union's..

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On Friday, coalition of immigrant rights and Occupy activists shut down two branches of Wells Fargo Bank Santa Rosa and distributed flyer charging that Wells Fargo profits from the business now booming on increased immigrant detention... ..

satellite launch fails, but iran pushes forward

Since 2003, based on Bible prophecy, that German-led Europe will form alliance with moderate Middle Eastern nations, and this alliance will have, unforeseen consequences for Iran, and for America and Britain... European Union is negotiating agreement with the four founding..

., the union man

My new book, Dockworker Power Race and Activism Durban and San Francisco Bay Area, chronicles King's with union that was, perhaps, the most racially in the country. That was Local of International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, or ILWU.. ..

mozambique news agency

According to NGO, Centre for Public Integrity, Chang's team has withdrawn its application for bail, in favour of sending Chang back to Mozambique under the protocols of SADC. ..


In related front, on December 15, Head of Iranian Parliament's Research Center Kazzem Jalali said that European Union's promise to establish Special Purpose Vehicle for carrying out financial transactions with Iran has not been put into place, adding that EU's procrastination is undermining public..

democracy must be re-established in europe

Its values are enshrined in Charter of Fundamental Rights of European Union, universal values of dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity it's based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law.. ... In this too EU has betrayed its founding values, extended to protection, in Charter of..

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