congress trying to de-fund trump/saudi war in yemen

Senate passed measure which called on War Powers Resolution, by 56 to 41 vote, marking historic move to end military support for Saudi-led coalition waging Yemen.. ... Yemeni war started in 2015 when Saudi Arabia and 12 regional allies formed coalition to restore the pro- Saudi into..

european union

Influential leaders European Union states used migration to stoke fear, justify abusive policies, and block meaningful reform in 2018, even Human Rights Watch said in its. ..

greek gov't wins confidence vote

The vote was called by Tsipras on Sunday after the withdrawal of the in the coalition due to its opposition to Macedonia name agreement clinched last year to resolve the long-standing name dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia .. ..

cost analysis

Policymakers did see conflict between the atheism of Soviet Union and Christian values of United States and Western world.. ... He thought America had role to play in the world, and that's one reason he was so in helping bring down Soviet Union and winning Cold War peacefully. ..


Dear Representatives of European Union, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that United States and Poland will host ministerial meeting on Middle East Warsaw on February 13-14. ... major step forward for peace and in Middle East was Iran, Iran, France, UK, Germany, Russia and China, and..

congress can end us involvement in the war on yemen

Now House is under Democratic control, there is plan to put forward identical measures in both chambers, logistical support, intelligence and special forces operations with Saudi-led coalition.. ... Passage of resolution by both houses directing the president to end all military support for..

the state of the shutdown

There is little doubt that the reason Dems wish to postpone the State of Union while the shutdown is in place is because their case is weak enough already and the last thing they want to do is give President another forum to harangue them with. ..

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