a labor takeover of the coalition?

But the proportion in the Coalition parties is less than in Labor which has introduced a quota system (which it is happy to ignore when a favoured union official wishes to move into the Senate). . ... Has anybody looked at how many Labor women are there due to their Union..

2019: new year, new crisis

It threatens to provoke an existential crisis at the very heart of the European Union. . ... The anti-EU coalition in Rome approved a budget that violated the limits imposed by Brussels, provoking an open confrontation. ..

thecatholicspirit.com : thecatholicspirit.com

In other issues directly related to the budget, the conference will continue to back efforts to create affordable housing with partners such as the Homes for All coalition, and promote school choice initiatives with the Opportunity for All Kids advocacy organization, Adkins said. . ..

federal government

'Passing these reforms has been a team effort years in the making,' Grassley continued. ... 'This is a bittersweet moment,' said Michael Collins, director of national affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance. ..


But advocates had concerns: 'Today's vote in support of expanding New Jersey's medical marijuana program is a step in the right direction,' said Roseanne Scotti, New Jersey State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance. ... President Trump Signs Opioid Package Today; Drug Policy Alliance..

main events of 2018 in turkey

the bloc called People's Unity of Justice and Development Party and Nationalist Movement Party gained 53.8 percent of the votes, the bloc called People's Alliance with the participation of CHP, Saadet Partisi and Iyi Parti garnered 34.07 percent, and HDP got 11.08 percent of the votes. ..

for your spies only: cold war prisoner swaps

American, Marvin William Makinen, and Reverend Walter Ciszek, Jesuit missionary arrested in Soviet Union in 1941, are swapped for Ivan Egorov, United Nations worker, and his wife, Aleksandra. ... Air Force clerk convicted of passing states secrets on to Soviet Union and Alan Van Norman,..

rise and fall of american hegemony from wilson to trump

America invested heavily in the Marshall Plan in 1948, created NATO in 1949, and led a United Nations coalition that fought in Korea in 1950 under a strategy of containment of Soviet power. . ... Nor is a real alliance of authoritarians plausible, given the underlying mistrust between..

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