remembering alger hiss in the age of russia-gate

He also worked for Nye Committee in the 1930s, Congressional into war profiteering led by Gerald Nye that exposed how United Aircraft sold airplane engines to Germany for use Luftwaffe fighter planes, how Nazi troops were armed with American guns, and that Union Banking Corporation had engaged in..

global health disruptors: the end of the cold war

The war was period of extreme political tension between Soviet Union with its satellite states and United States with its allies. ... Impatience from some Western donors means that they instead championed the creation of disease focused health initiatives such Global Fund to fight Aids, Malaria,..

minor groups hold balance of power

The first group will possibly consist of NCPO-appointed senators, along with Palang Pracharat Party and its allies, namely Action Coalition for Thailand and People Reform.. ... But, the coalition is to be unstable, as the Pheu Thai-led camp will have number of MPs.. ..

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