'dissolve the people and elect another'

In early 2018, Indian Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre, while responding to in Parliament, acknowledged that since 2001, Union Government denied any sanction for prosecution under Armed Forces Special Powers Act for 47 out of 50 cases recommended by the Government of J&K against the..

russia in the middle east: introduction

In 1991, on a mission to the area to save the Soviet Union’s regional position, he said that Middle Eastern leaders “consider it necessary that a united economic and military-strategic area of the USSR [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] be preserved.” ... Given the growing..

liar, liar

The fall of Soviet Union ushered in the phase of philanthropy, characterized by Western demand for health governance purportedly as response to the spread of communicable diseases accelerated by globalization. ..

the only regime change that is needed

Jeffrey’s ridiculous prescriptions for the Syrians and Russians are symptomatic of what one gets from a team of yes-men who have latched onto some dystopic ideas and pursued them relentlessly, blinded by what they believe to be American power. ..

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