no subsidies needed

It would make no more sense for government to pay, say, manufacturing firms to hire workers into jobs at which these workers aren’t adequately skilled than it would make for government to pay the New Orleans Saints to hire me to quarterback their team. . ..

the land of the free

Considering that China now possesses most of the world's sea gates, German-led Holy Roman Empire will need to form alliance with Asian powers identified Isaiah 23 ... ..

top story 164

'Budgets are about priorities and Governor-elect Evers is confident his team can put together a balanced budget that puts Wisconsin children and families first.' . ..

secession from the european union

During the dissolution of Soviet Union, the members of European Community accepted to bow to the decisions of United States and to integrate the states of Central Europe, did not correspond in any way to the criteria of adhesion. Commission panicked, fearing that British example would open the..

black women rising: the working people weekly list

Across the country, union members made the difference, fighting for our issues, for union candidates and for our proven allies.  ... That represents millions of conversations between fellow union members, talking about the opportunity we embraced in this election — chance to..

working with the european right for peace

On the contrary, from Soviet bloc, with Poland and Baltics in the forefront, European Union has become agent of war-making, not within except with respect to its neighbor to East. ... Meanwhile Germany AfD has now entered the legislatures of all German Laender and may well enter the government..

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