germany on a political seesaw

Seated on the descending side are the ruling parties of Grand Coalition GroKo German journalese. the unique one-state subsidiary of Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, election, the blow sent shock waves through the whole country. ..

kazakhstan: attack on trade union leader

The injuries prevented Sinyavskii from traveling to Astana for meeting with trade union representatives, including those from International Trade Union Confederation and Arthur Svensson Foundation. ... The government continues to deny registration to the Confederation..

mullah terror in europe

Yet, notwithstanding Iran's nuclear cheating, its development of long-range ballistic missiles, and terrorism on European soil, European Union and the member states continue to protect Iran nuclear deal also known and appease Ayatollahs. ..

germany's merkel calls for a european union military

Supporters of European union say EU has struggled in military and humanitarian missions in Balkans, Libya and Africa, and that it was caught off guard by Russia's of Crimea... ... By the fragility of coalition and the rise of Merkel dominated European politics for over decade, and she..

department press briefing

QUESTION You just said that NATO was the alliance that United States has, and France is the oldest ally that United States has, and the President sniping at them via tweet is engendering some really some ill will on the other side of Atlantic. ..

bolsonaro's economic team incorporates another chicago

On Monday members of president elect Jair Bolsonaro team confirmed Levy had been offered the post with the purpose of achieving coordination with multilateral organizations such as World Bank, Inter American Development Bank ensuring development funds when the administration takes office.. ..

remembering world war i in the middle east

By devising and distributing system of mandates for administering the Against the backdrop of rising nationalist movements across Middle East and Turkish military and alliance sweeping away the final vestiges of Ottoman rule, the wartime allies attempted to maintain political control... ..

jewish currents

Kollontai also helped establish Zhenotdel, or Women's Section, to oversee the creation of radical network of social services for working women throughout Soviet Union, like public nurseries, cafeterias, and laundries. ..

italian debt crisis haunts europe

Italy is at the heart of European Union the in the eurozone. By bad loans and propped up by the government and the In particular, the country's banks are in mess weighed down European Central Bank. ... It was on the basis of these policies that the coalition parties were elected in..

racial politics

All Congressional efforts of the couple of decades involved alliance of the first two groups failing to overcome the opposition of the third, and with Trump having increased the power of that last faction, there is no prospect for any change in that situation.. ..


In 1903 Women's Social and Political Union was founded England and the militant feminists commenced the battle for the vote. ..

battle for hodeidah rages

Yemen's pro-government military coalition, said Huthi rebels had pushed back large-scale offensive aimed at moving up Red Sea towards Hodeidah port, lifeline to Yemenis. ... The alliance accuses Iran of smuggling arms to Huthis through the port, with Tehran denies.. ..


President Hassan Rouhani voiced his disappointment over recent package of incentives proposed by European Union countries to Tehran, that Islamic Republic expected much better, clearer and stance by EU... Unfortunately, EU's package of proposals lacked solution and method for cooperation, and..

germany invades norway, again

Neither London, Dublin Brussels wants to see checks imposed on the border, and the problem persists of finding way to square that aim with Britain's decision to leave European single market and the customs union... ..

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