spanish municipality bows to pressure from bds group

It was only after the Israeli women’s team arrived in Barcelona that they were told the the municipality of Molins de Rei, located 18 kilometers from Barcelona, had decided it would not hold the game as planned. . ... Gluska said: ‘’If an Israeli team can perform in Abu Dhabi with the..

socialism beyond borders

We also should not fall into the trap of considering the EU as another institution along the lines of NATO (nothing but a military alliance), or the WTO and IMF, the disciplining organisations of neoliberal trade. ... Certainly, it is needed to counter the decline of social democratic parties across..


It further said that US-led coalition forces and Syrian Democratic Forces held joint patrol along Syria- Turkey between the small towns of al-Darbasiyah Northern Hasaka, and Ra'as al-Ein Northwestern Hasaka.. ..

britain’s magic money tree

Neither London, Dublin Brussels wants to see checks imposed on the border, and the problem persists of finding way to square that aim with Britain's decision to leave European single market and the customs union... ..

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