civilian casualties in repeated aggression by us-led

Deir Ezzor, SANA- A number of civilians were martyred al-Sosa in the countryside of Deir Ezzor in new crime committed by US-led international coalition.. ... By team to develop the software themetf, Powered by sana Designed © Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved... ..

separation of powers undermined

European Commission, too, announced that if the law came into force, it would submit resolution to Council of European Union stating that Poland was infringing the fundamental values of EU. On the day European Commission stated that it saw clear risk that Poland had violated EU's central values..

banks: the end of the swiss tax haven?

Figures published in country-by-country reports by the 20 leading banks in European Union confirm this decline in the volume of their activities Switzerland has become one of the least profitable destinations for these institutions offshore operations, far behind countries such as Ireland and..

fed complaint alleges unfair admissions

Historically, Asian- Americans have not been politically influential group and have therefore been ignored, Yukong Zhao, the president of Asian-American Coalition for Education, told News September.. The coalition chose the three schools and Yale has low admissions rate for the racial..

countering anti-trans bigotry in britain

Morning Star, for decades the paper of Communist Party, now has readership dominated by trade union officials — and it's still published and remains forum on the left.. Tunks is long-standing trade unionist with solid track record of Palestine solidarity work and is the president of National..

gadsen v. new york city s

They point out that and breach of plaintiff's employment agreement by NYCSSS, the complaint must be viewed as containing a hybrid claim against the union and employer under LMRA § 301. ..

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